Short wheel base 1972 IRS chassis
7 1/2 inch wider link-pin front beam
Box shock towers with internal stiffeners
Mag checked trailing arms, spindles & uprights
Four SAW adjusters
Gusseted uprights
Gusseted spindles
Kayaba high pressure dampers
German tapered wheel bearings
German seals
German drums
German shoes
German wheel cylinders
German king-pins and link pins
One inch longer stainless brake hoses
SAW wheel studs, nuts and washers
Mitchell wheels 5-1/2 x 15
Front tires (27 x 5.25 x 15)
Porsche 911 rack & pinion
Hand built DOM tie rods 1 diameter
DOM=Drawn Over Mandrel; Certified Seamless Steel Tubing

Porsche 911 flex joints
Porsche inner tie-rod ends
German outer tie-rod ends
Porsche Steering shaft bearings
Seebold F-1 boat steering wheel with quick release
Kirkey Racing Seats
3" RCI Racing Belts
Polished Aluminum window frame & Glass (not installed)
CNC pedal assembly
Dual park locks
Willwood proportioning valve
Stainless brake hoses one inch longer
German rear wheel cylinders
Brake shoes (Super Beetle)
German drums
German inner and outer bearings and seals
4140 Chromoly PORSCHE 930 stub axels
Mitchell wheels 10 x 15
Radial tires (31 x 10.50 x 15)
Natural rubber dragster inner tubes
Boxed trailing arms
Sway-A-Way inner pivot bushings
Sway-A-Way adj. spring plates
Kayaba/Monroe dampers
930 turbo C/V joints (4)
4140 Chromoly boot flanges
Aircraft bolts
4140 Chromoly 930 pattern bus box drive flanges
Sway-A-Way axles
Dual shock mounts
SAW spring plate bushings
Utethane boots

Fully modified 1970 type 2 IRS bus trans-axle

Custom close ratio gear sets
4.56 ring and pinion
Super diff
Steel thrust plate
Indexable shift shaft
Urethane shift coupler
Scat drag-fast shifter
Hydraulic clutch release
Kennedy engineering 1700 P-plate
CENTERFORCE dual composite disc
German T/O bearing
E clips
Steel two-piece front trans mount w/grade 8 hardware
Steel rear trans mount
Steel upper trans mount (bolts engine to roll cage)

New heat treated AS41 engine case
DMS 82 MM Porsche journal crank shaft
H-beam rods DEE Engineering
Porsche rod bearings
Cima 90.5 b pistons
Grant TF #2 dykes ring set
Berg/VW head stud kit
Berg oil pump
Berg full flow pressure relief pump cover
Parker/Buna 300 pound hoses
Push lock connectors
Remote oil filter
Chromoly fly wheel
Berg Chromoly gland nut
Degreed pulley
Bug Pack street eliminator race heads
42 - 37.5 Manley severe duty valves
Dual chrome silicone valve springs
Chromoly retainers and locks
EMPI valve covers
Engle 125
Mahle lifters
Berg/Comp cams custom push rods
Berg shafts
Berg adjusters
Berg studs
Aluminum p/rod tubes
S/E race intake manifolds
Weber 44 IDF carbs
Hex linkage
VW dog house
Bug Pack cylinder tins
Super cool tins (bolted in)
Bosch 009 distributor
MSD Ignition
MSD coil
Alum sand seal pulley w/stainless sleeve
Welded and balanced Super Beetle fan
3 inch K&N air cleaners
Taylor/Vertex (.409) plug wires
Aluminum distributor clamp
EMPI 1-5/8 x 32 merged collector header ceramic coated
11 MM exhaust nuts
11 MM intake nuts
11 MM inner carb nuts
Alum fuel tank
1/2 inch BUNA fuel line
Dave Russell multi screen filter
Holley red pump
Ford fuel pump relay
Moroso oil accumulator
EXIDE orbital spiral cell battery
.0125 X 2 square frame rails front torsion to rear torsion
.0125 x 1 3/4 1020 AK DOM tubing roll cage (front and rear bumper)
3/16 6061 front impact plate
BASF black urethane paint
BASF red urethane paint
PPG semi-gloss black epoxy

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