Metal Work in the purest form.

The Tin Wizard and crew offer a significantly higher level of quality than you will find anywhere else. Let us take a moment to introduce you to our collection of automotive related skills. We offer you nothing less than the finest.

We can repair your significant automobile to factory specification. We repair body panels to such a high level of perfection that we don't need bondo, lead, or body filler of any type. With true Craftman's Guild quality you'll never be dissapointed when driving or displaying your pride and joy.

We are East Texas' exclusive metal finishing shop.

Chassis & Suspension
We completely disassemble the chassis, repair cracks, weld short comings, correct squareness and parallelism, paint or powder coat depending on application, repair front and rear suspension pieces and then paint or powder coat, renew steering, braking, and chassis electrical systems, then align the suspensions to racing caliber standards.

Engine & Transmission
We can rebuild or modify virtually any automotive engine/transmission combinations, we manufacture mounting systems, and engine/transmission swap systems.

Electrical Systems
We modify or scratch build wire / harness systems for virtually any application. On special order we will provide computer controlled systems as well.

Body Panels
Without using body filler of any type we can straigten most any damaged or rusted body panel. If these panels are too far deteriorated (very uncommon) we can hand fabricate replacement pieces to factory quality industry standards using no bondo, no lead, no bull. You can see an article in Hot VW's Magazine regarding our fender widening done for the chop top Bug here

We provide restorative paint work using enamels and lacquers. We also offer competetive urethane (acrylic or poly) work as well. Our fit and finish work is considered flawless.

For those seeking custom work, we can prototype any of the above.

We firmly believe in following proper engineering guidelines in all of our work, ensuring your saftey, and providing you with the best possible product.

References available.

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Owner, Ron Hansen
Established 1989.
Jason Perry